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Search, download, and print Credit Memos, Draft Confirmations (EFT Reports), Invoices, Price Notifications, Distributor Intelligence Reports (DIR), and Credit/Debit Card Retrieval Requests in the Alon-Now website.  Alon-Now is a web-based tool that allows you to see 3 months worth of messages related to your distributor account.



Allocation Viewer

View credit info and fuel availability in real-time with our simple to use red-light green-light allocation viewer. Red means fuel is unavailable. Green means you're good to go. In addition, users of the allocation viewer also have access to our emergency broadcast system that sends email alerts in the event of a major emergency at a fuel terminal.


Contract Volume Report

Track fuel liftings day-by-day in real-time with our easy to use contract volume report. See up to six months worth of data; view your total contract amount per month; and view your contract minimum and variance to minimum to determine your total amount of fuel left to pull per month.


Marketing Promotions

Alon Brands is leading the way with incredible promotions, giveaways, and prizes all geared towards increasing customer loyalty for our brand and our distributors. In 2013, we are giving away 4 FREE CARS to customers! It’s easy to play, just go into any participating ALON location and ask for a “Load the Code” card (no purchase necessary). Each card has a unique one-time code you enter at for your chance to win. You can enter one new code each day to improve your chances.


Clean TEAM

Cleanliness is next to a big plie of cash. For a chance to win $500 provide your feedback at

A clean c-store has been proven to increase both fuel and in-store sales by 15% or more. The Clean Team rewards distributors and dealers with cash prizes, plaques, and other great incentives. Through a concerted TEAM effort to beautify and update store conditions, stores will also enjoy an increase in CUSTOMER retention and brand loyalty.


ALON Cards

ALON Cards offer excellent benefits for both businesses and consumers. We offer great rates, powerful on-line tracking, convenience, and peace of mind. Consumers earn points with our ALON consumer credit card, that may be used to purchase fuel or in-store items. With the ALON Fleet Card, businesses can keep track of their fleet and other expenses.